Thursday, 6 January 2011

One New Year's resolution to enjoy!

After an evening's piano teaching, I have to admit that I do like to catch up with the Soaps on TV.

Because I particularly like Yorkshire and the Dales, I've always enjoyed Emmerdale for the scenery - location and female cast! - and, I suppose, because it's been around for such a long time, Coronation Street.

Mum also used to watch Eastenders as, indeed I did. But once Barbara Windsor left, it's really gone to the dogs - the present story-line - about cot deaths and baby-snatching, is really quite distasteful, and has provoked a lot of viewers' complaints. Yes, I know there's Sophie Webster and her 'friend' cavorting about in Corrie - but frankly I don't think this is anywhere near as unpleasant as the current Eastenders goings-on.

But what has really finished it for me, is the return of that dreadful Kat character, and even worse, that totally-in-your-face-watch-me-overact-the-whole-time Alfie Moon! There are other issues with the cast, too - but I'm not, of course, at liberty to flag such things up here

Anyway, we don't watch this rubbish anymore, and feel a damn sight better for it! Just think, we, as licence-payers, are actually paying for these so-called actors and actresses!

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