Monday, 6 June 2011

England and Crapello do it again!

If you had the misfortune to watch that shameful display against the Swiss, you'll surely realise that neither has England a hope in hell of beating any decent team, or that the much over-paid and over-hyped Capello will ever be able to achieve anything - excellent ensure a big fat payout (of our money!)

The Swiss simply made us play like amateurs, were far better on the ball and, had their Arsenal defender (the bloke with the really stupid haircut!) not played as badly for the Swiss team, as he does for Arsenal, the Swiss would easily have won!

But it doesn't take much to realise why!

Let us assume that Man U is currently the best team in the Premiership. When they played Barcelona, they were made to look totally ordinary. Barcelona has a high percentage of Spanish players, Man U, like every Prem team is a complete mixture, so effectively we've hardly any decent English players anywhere. Look at Bent, for example - what total rubbish - those misses were of schoolboy amateurism!

Oh, and just one final comment: ITV had two pundits commenting on the match - Gareth Southgate, who seems a nice bloke, was a good player, but didn't distinguish himself managerially - and Peter Reid, who by his astute managerial skills has managed to bring Plymouth Argyle down and down - exactly what does he know about international football, I hear you ask! Oh, and a final moan - commentator, Andy Townsend is blessed with the gift of the gab - but in his case it's the worst sort - verbal diarrhoea - why can't he just shut up occasionally - he wasn't a bad player, admittedly, but.........

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