Friday, 1 July 2011

Give him a taste of his own medicine, I say!

So top Met Police Dog handler and trainer just happened to forget that he'd left two dogs in his care in his van, on one of the hottest days of the year! Oh, dear, how careless of him! To his 'credit' he did attempt to slash his wrists, but with the kind of ineptitude we've come to expect, he didn't even get this bit right!

He will face prosecution from the RSPCA, and a 'disciplinary investigation' - some people are calling for his immediate dismissal. They won't get that, of course, he'll just be moved somewhere else, possibly even promoted.

No, I have a better idea! Let's lock him in an industrial oven, preferably with heat-resistant glass sides and back, so we can all watch! I'd happily turn it on, but suspect that I'd have to wait my turn in a very long human say nothing of the entire dog population in this country!

The man's a total disgrace to mankind!

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