Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Billacombe Tavern

One of the nice things about living in our private road is that we have our own pub at the end of it! Although I'm not a drinker as such, it's always very handy to be able to get a lunch there, and since the present managers, Darren and Sarah, have taken over, the Billacombe Tavern has really turned around, and hopefully there will be sufficient trade to enable them to keep things going, and even, perhaps, buy it themselves!

It's not always easy for the passing trade to turn in off the roundabout, as the hatchway markings, which stupidly make the main artery out of Plymouth in the South Hams direction one lane only - the other lane is for cyclists, of course, although you'll rarely ever see one! The more people who try it out, the better. The good thing is that, if there's something you don't like, perhaps about the food, Darren and Sarah are always keen to hear first-hand, so that they can put it right, and this sounds like people who care about running a business, I think! Give it a try one day!

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