Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Maltese Connection

One of the best things about publishing some of my music on the internet, is that it can easily be seen worldwide. A few years back, I had a very nice email from Sharon Gauci, who is Maltese, about my Maltese Islands Suite which I had originally written for two of my piano students, Reuben and Ralph Jones, whose mother is also from Malta.

We kept in touch for a good while, and then, as with many online firendships, other things took over, and communications ceased. Last June, I spent a lovely week at The Hilton, Malta, and really fell in love with the island. I decided to get back in touch with Sharon, but suspected that she had now finished her studies at the University of Malta, and probably left the island. I was delighted to find my first email answered, and once I had been rightly admonished for not making contact where we were on the island, we are now back in touch, and emails pass between us most days!

Following on the Maltese connection, I wrote a second piece actually inspired by my visit, and this (A Maltese Serenade) will be played as part of a special Three Composers' Concert in April, here in Plymouth - that is, of course, unless my second bout of Jury Service, which starts towards the end of March doesn't involve me in a lengthy trial!

The picture above shows Sharon in one of the traditional Maltese fishing boats.

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