Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The 'Duke' of Billacombe with his 'Rock'

We live in a small private road, which means that we tend to know our immediate neighbours well, although we certainly don't live in each others' houses! We are especially lucky with the neighbours on either side of our house and, until a few months ago, had some great ones opposite us. Sadly (for us - probably not so much for them!) they are presently on a two-year tour of duty in Gibraltar with the navy, and their house is being let.

They are both really lovely people, and exactly those you'd wish to have in this little cul-de-sac - we miss them a great deal! They have a beautiful rottweiler, whom they think the absolute world of, and we certainly miss being able to talk to him, or just give him a pat, when we're down in the street. He's called Duke, and we've all named him the Duke of Billacombe after our road! I've just had a lovely email from our 'Gibraltar' neighbours, and simply couldn't resist putting this wonderful shot of the 'Duke' with his temporary favourite rock in the background! We all look forward to their return!

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