Monday, 18 February 2008

Sunday Lunch in Topsham

Yesterday we had a most enjoyable day with our cousin Ken in Topsham (Dad's first cousin, and thus mine, once-removed). If you take a look at 'Meet the Buttalls', you'll know that Topsham played quite an important part in the Buttalls' history, and was where we had our first family reunion at Easter, 2007.

It was a lovely day, although just a little cold, but we were able to enjoy a walk around the town, after we had a really excellent lunch at The Lord Nelson, where we all met up last time. If you're ever visiting Topsham (5 miles from Exeter), do go along to eat there, as the food is really excellent! We stuck to traditional fare, and tucked into our steak and kidney pies, followed by apple pie, or in my case, treacle pudding and custard - fabulous! The picture above is just the view from Ken's window out across the Exe Estuary, ultimately to Exmouth - what a lovely view to enjoy every day!

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