Friday, 22 February 2008

Two concerts in one day!

Yesterday was a busy day - a lunchtime concert and then an evening one, with a quick piano lesson in between!

The lunchtime one was excellent, and featured my good friend, Alison Stephens (mandolin) and Steven Devine (piano). The main piece, Calace's First Concerto, was a revelation - something I've never heard before, and having now been given Alison's latest CD, on the Naxos label, where she's recorded this and some more works by the composer, I certainly intend to get to know him better!

The other concert was with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and was always going to be a shade disappointing. Due to ill health the violin soloist couldn't play, and whilst a replacement had been found at short notice, the Paganini concerto had to be substituted by the Beethoven. This is a great work, of course, but with the 'Pastoral' as the final work, it didn't balance the programme as well, I felt. It was, however, nice to see Ruth Rogers as guest leader. I reviewed Ruth here, back in January, and she returns to the Sherwell Centre with her Iuventus Quartet in March. A really lovely person, and such a superb player!

Here's a link to my reviews of Alison & Steven, and of the BSO.

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