Sunday, 24 February 2008

Spurs' win makes Dad's day!

Dad and I are great football fans, and, although it's many years since either of us played, we love watching all the matches on Sky! Dad was born in Tottenham, and so has always been a Spurs supporter! Recently this has made him really frustrated, and not done much for his blood pressure either, but since Martin Joll's welcome departure, things have decidedly looked up, and their victory over London neighbours, Chelsea, in today's Carling Cup, has really thrilled Dad, who used to go to White Hart Lane with his dad, and the rest of the family.

Mum supported Man U ever since the Munich Air Crash, and if you knew my mum, you'd know just how loyal her support for this, or anything else, would have been, even though she and dad certainly never saw eye to eye as far as football is concerned!

Unfortunately I have to admit to having been born in Plymouth - certainly not my favourite city, when compared even with Exeter! But at least Plymouth Argyle isn't doing badly right now, and I used to go to Home Park most Saturdays when I was a boy, to watch the match and eat a Dewdney's pasty!

Our good friends, Amanda and Paul, live in Newcastle - Amanda was a nurse in the community who looked after mum's leg ulcers, before moving up north - she is a Geordie. Presently we don't talk football either in our frequent texts or emails - for obvious reasons!

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