Monday, 23 February 2009

Back to Malta again - with Caroline!

After a Xmas break at our favourite UK hotel, the Monkbar Hotel in York, we decided that we'd like to return once more to Malta, where we spent a lovely week back in 2007.

Caroline (pictured above) from our local First Choice shop (Plymstock) helped us arrive at our decision, and, whilst we're basically having a similar week to the last one, we've decided to ring the changes slightly, by returning to a different 5-star hotel, though one not far from the Hilton, where we stayed last time. We'll be flying from our local airport, thankfully, at Exeter, and have a car hired for the whole week this time.

Hopefully we'll both be able to avail ourselves of some decent sunshine, which we sadly missed out on in the UK last year, and which then made our week in Cyprus so important. to us!

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