Friday, 31 July 2009

Putnams - yet another great find!

Whilst we had the upholsterer here yesterday, we asked whether it would be possible to get the cushion in Dad's armchair refilled. Dave, from Fairway Furniture (see previous post) told us about a firm called Putnams, and gave us the directions to find it. I had once had a Jag, and the garage was not far from where Putnams were, so it seemed a really simple task!

In the event it wasn't, as the instructions didn't quite marry up, and we found ourselves talking to someone who worked at a Call Centre. They hadn't heard of the firm, and we were all for coming back, when we decided to ask a young guy who was working on one of the lawns. He again didn't know, but went in and found someone who did, and we eventually drove back almost to where we'd been, and found Putnams hidden away by some trees. Once we turned in, there were two biggish signs!

When we went in, we were met by a lovely girl who soon had us sorted, and we'll be collecting the new cushion in a few days. We had a real laugh there, and enjoyed the friendly banter too. Again we see from the website that it is another family-run business, and clearly this reflected in the way they treated their customers - and from the numerous testimonials on the walls!

Check them out online, if you're not in the Plymouth area, as they've got all sorts of interesting things to see. If you're in the Plymouth area, then it's just out on the Langage Industrial Estate, and certainly well worth a visit - if only for the entertainment!

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