Monday, 30 August 2010

One-way traffic!

We watched Barcelona play last evening in their first La Liga match of the 2010/11 season, and, of course, they were quite superb - with two particularly brilliant goals from......... you've guessed, Messi and Iniesta.

We later watched Real Madrid's opening match against Mallorca, which was the first match in charge for the (not as good as he thinks he is!) great Jose Mourinho! The match was a draw, and frankly Mallorca played better!

However, the point of this particular post is just an observation: if English footballers are so 'good', why aren't more of them playing in European clubs - or, indeed, why haven't they been playing there for years? After all, most of the top clubs in the Premiership are made up almost exclusively of European players.

Not rocket-science, of course! Nearly all English footballers are simply poor by comparison, and lack the necessary skills in passing, ball control, and in particular, shooting. Just calling a 'soccer school' an 'Academy', rather like the current trend in mainstream education, doesn't actually mean anything at all - after all, a rat-catcher is a rat-catcher, even if his job description says 'rodent exterminator'!

And just one aside to the likes of the great Rooney, and some of the other 'miserable' over-paid English stars: Lionel Messi's not only the best footballer in the world today, but he actually appears to enjoy what he does and, he never seems to wish to retaliate deliberately - a true sportsman, I'd say. Whereas Rooney...........!

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